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We are a group of young and ambitious individuals who have an innate passion for music and broadcasting. As a registered non-profit organization based out of Canada, our goal is to educate and entertain Japanese and Korean music culture to everyone around the world.

Japan Top 10

KTop 10

Our Mission Statement

To educate, entertain and enhance the public’s engagement with Japanese and Korean music culture.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a podcast that listeners can learn, enjoy and interact with, and in turn, lead to an enhancement of the Japanese and Korean music industry.

Our Core Values

We believe the power and future of digital radio broadcasting is in podcasting.

We strive to be acclaimed at educating and entertaining listeners in Japanese and Korean music culture.

We cater our podcast to the feedback and needs of listeners.

We believe in the development of the Japanese and Korean music industry through digital media broadcasting.

Meet Our Current Staff

Ethel Chan
Ethel ChanHost on Japan Top 10
EricLead Host on Japan Top 10
TadamichiAudio Producer on Japan Top 10
Miki Kogure
Miki KogureLead Quality Assurance Assistant on Japan Top 10
Anna Gamelo
Anna GameloHost on Japan Top 10
Echo Anderson
Echo AndersonContent Producer on Japan Top 10
Elizabeth Fajardo
Elizabeth FajardoGeneral Manager on KTop 10
Producer Jack
Producer Jack General Manager on Japan Top 10
Andy Kaesermann
Andy KaesermannContent Producer on Japan Top 10
Recca G
Recca GLead Content Producer on Japan Top 10
Kirby Agudelo
Kirby AgudeloHost on Japan Top 10
Johnson Zhang
Johnson ZhangAudio Producer on Japan Top 10
Jeremy Vang
Jeremy VangHost on KTop 10
 Sunny Jeong
Sunny JeongHost on KTop 10
Hayley Miller
Hayley MillerContent Producer on Japan Top 10
William Moo
William MooBoard of Director on MTI Countdowns
Dean Staker
Dean StakerAudio Producer on Japan Top 10

Why Podcast

Podcast: A powerful broadcasting medium

So you might be wondering why we have invested our time on the podcast medium to broadcast our show. It’s quite simple. Statistics show that podcasts are popular with today’s listeners.

And according to Edison Research: “The audience for podcasting grew significantly in the past year. Today, 51% of Americans 12+ have ever listened to a podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month, and 22% in the past week.” (2019).

*statistics sourced by Edison Research, more info here: https://www.edisonresearch.com/the-podcast-consumer-2019/

Donate & Support Us

Here at KTop 10 and Japan Top 10, we are always looking for ways to improve everyone’s listening experience to our shows. We work tirelessly hard to produce a show that matches the needs of our listeners. However, we often find that we end up with roadblocks due to monetary funding. As a registered non-profit organization in Canada, we guarantee to invest 100% of your donation towards improving everyone’s listening experience on the podcast.

If you are capable of donating, we would highly appreciate any monetary help. It means a lot to our team and listeners alike as positive changes will become possible from your generous donations.

To view our certificate of incorporation from Cooperations Canada as a federally registered non-profit organization, please click here.

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Click here to advertise on Japan Top 10 and/or KTop 10. Have questions about what we are offering? Make sure to connect us at info@jtop10.jp and we will strive to work with you to meet your company’s goals and aims.

Contact Us

Japan Top 10 Team:

Jack Shi- General Manager, Program Directorinfo@jtop10.jp
Ethel Chan- On-Air Hostethel@jtop10.jp
Miki Kogure (小暮美樹)- Language Translator Specialist, Lead Quality Assurance Specialistmiki@jtop10.jp
Eric- Lead On-Air Host: eric@jtop10.jp
Kirby Agudelo- On-Air Hostvincent@jtop10.jp
Anna Gamelo- On-Air Hostanna@jtop10.jp
Andy Kaesermann- On-Air Hostandy@jtop10.jp
Tadamichi- Content Distributor, Audio Producer: tadamichi@jtop10.jp
Dean Staker- Content Distributor, Audio Producer: dean@jtop10.jp
Johnson Zhang- Content Distributor, Audio Producer: johnson@jtop10.jp
Recca G- Lead Content Producer, Music Director, Auxiliary On-Air Host: recca@jtop10.jp
Echo Anderson- Content Producerecho@jtop10.jp
Hayley Miller- Content Producerhayley@jtop10.jp

KTop 10 Team:

Elizabeth Fajardo- General Manager, Music Director, Program Director, Lead Content Producer, Content Distributor: elizabeth@ktop10.org
Sunny Jeong- On-Air Host: sunny@ktop10.org
Jeremy Vang- On-Air Host: jeremy@ktop10.org

MTI Countdowns Team:

These staff members represent operations with their listed role(s) for both KTop 10 & Japan Top 10.
Jack Shi- Webmaster & Sales Manager: info@jtop10.jp
Hayley Miller- Social Media Coordinatorhayley@jtop10.jp
Andy Kaesermann- Graphics Designer: andy@jtop10.jp
William Moo-Board of Director Member: william@jtop10.jp

We’re based in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada.

Our staff also broadcast and work right across North America, Europe and Asia.

Get Connected With Us

Whether it is feedback for our show, advertising inquiries or you just want to talk to us, we have many ways you can get in touch with us!

Past MTI Countdowns

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Our History

Find more information about the history of our organization.

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We are licensed under the music we play by SOCAN, more information about them is available here.