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Format: Mainstream J-Pop, J-Rock, Japanese music

A podcast focusing on the mainstream music from Japan, listeners consistently tune into Japan Top 10 for a variety of reasons. A prime feature of the show is how it is driven by the requests of listeners. Whether it is a song request or feedback about the show, they are normally enacted upon the show and thus giving listeners the ability to democratically take control of Japan Top 10. Another feature is the new music discovery, where fans of mainstream Japanese music become exposed to songs they have yet to add onto their playlist! Exclusive website features such as new J-Pop music reviews, give listeners greater ability to continue to connect with the music content they hear on the podcast. Listeners come from across the world, however audience share tends to be higher in East Asian countries including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and English speaking countries including Australia, United States and United Kingdom. Japan Top 10 is also consistently ranked on top of the charts in the Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese iTunes podcast page. Tune in to find out why fans of Japanese music choose to listen to Japan Top 10!

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/japan-top-10-ri-bennotoppu10/id1065197068?l=en&mt=2

Listen on TuneIn Radio: http://tunein.com/radio/Japan-Top-10-p613114/

Listen on Google Play Music (US and Canada only): https://play.google.com/music/m/I6ey6crei36qwqgw55uodgkj2ou?t=Japan_Top_10_10_JPOP_HITS

Special thanks to our listeners for making us consistently ranked number 1 on the Japanese iTunes page!

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We’re also featured under the “Best J-Pop Podcasts” category in the popular Android application, Player.fm for July 2016!