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MTI Countdowns Board of Directors

Jack Shi

General Manager of Japan Top 10

Jack Shi is the founder of Japan Top 10 & MTI Countdowns. He has been working on the podcast since 2008. A huge fan of Japanese music, he also loves the Western 80’s & 90’s music and is innately passionate about the radio broadcasting industry.

Elizabeth Fajardo

General Manager of KTop 10

Elizabeth Fajardo is the co-founder of KTop 10. She has been working on the podcast since 2015 and took over the management of KTop 10 from founder, Andy Lin in 2015. She is a huge fan of the K-Pop music scene, using it as a tool to destress from her day job as a nurse.

Paul Zhang

Deputy Manager of Japan Top 10

Paul Zhang is the lead audio editor and associate manager on Japan Top 10. He has been working on the podcast since 2012. He enjoys playing video games, such as Pokemon. He has completed his degree in Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Ethel Chan

Associate Manager on Japan Top 10

Ethel Chan is the lead host on Japan Top 10. She oversees all the on-air hosts on Japan Top 10 & onboard new ones. Having joined in 2017, she is the newest board of director on MTI Countdowns. Her passion is fermented on the Japanese music scene & industry.