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KTop 10– ktop10.org

Format: Mainstream K-Pop

A dedicated podcast to the hottest and newest K-Pop music out there, listeners love KTop 10 for its niche focused format and interactive modes of connecting with the show. Released on a bi-weekly basis, listeners are constantly introduced to new K-Pop songs that they have yet to discover. Keeping the show stimulating, specially themed episodes are released throughout the year. With hosts and staff members that have a high degree of knowledge about the K-Pop music scene and culture, listeners will definitely also be exposed to insightful commentary about the songs featured on each episode. Listeners are generally concentrated in the United States, but there are others listening from various countries around the world. Averaging 3000-5000 weekly downloads or listens, KTop 10 continues to makes its mark for K-Pop fans spanning across the world. Give KTop 10 a listen a find out why K-Pop music fans choose to listen to KTop 10!

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