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High income does not guarantee good health, but low income almost inevitably ensures poor health and significant health inequity in Canada
Dr. Ernie Lightman

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Average Life Expectancy for Canadian Male Living in Shelter
Average Life Expectancy for Canadian Male
Percentage of Drug and alcohol-related deaths in the Homeless Population
Percentage of Natural Deaths in the Homeless Population

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Canada= World Class Free Health Care?

Canada. Many people across the world recognize our country when we mention it to them. But what do people think about in our country when it comes down to something […]


We <3 safe sex. So does everyone know how it works?

Sex. Whether you agree on the act of sex or not, it can be generally stated that everyone tries to advocate for safe sex. Part of a healthy lifestyle is […]


The health of homeless Aboriginals, WHY ARE WE NOT DOING ENOUGH?

They were the original settlers of our nation. Yet they are continuously marginalized by the systemic issues plaguing their population from colonization. And unfortunately, there is a significantly higher homeless […]


Are we providing healthcare to immigrants and refugees that come to Canada but have no where to live?

Canada is also recognized for being an accepting country for those who come from other parts the world. We take in many immigrants and refugees as they come into this […]


Gender & Sexual Minorities, if they become homeless, are they able to access the same type of care that everyone should be entitled to?

We have progressed a lot in┬áthe rights of gender and sexual minorities in Canada and in many additional countries around the world. Not only does Canada implement a lot of […]


The importance for harm reduction clinics

Harm reduction. What does that term mean? Before we go into controversial aspects of harm reduction, let’s look at an example that everyone can agree on. Driving a car is […]


Invest wisely. Invest in mental health.

Many Canadians face mental health issues that impact their state of health on a continual basis. However, some of these conditions become severe enough that they impact a person’s ability […]


Stable housing for some who was once homeless doesn’t mean improved health?

We have been discussing throughout this whole blog on why building social housing for the homeless is necessary to reduce and eventually eliminate homelessness. So you might be intrigued by […]


Health education for the homeless, where is it?

From a young age, we have all been educated about how we can live an active, healthy lifestyle. And we have been all taught not to do certain dangerous things, […]

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