What MTI is all about…

Who we are: MTI is all about music and interesting talk. We love to bring you the latest hit music along with throwing in some classic songs from the past 3 decades. We also love to talk about what’s going on in society. Not just entertainment gossip, but about pivotal stuff that is happening around the world. We share our experiences from our daily lives that others can relate with and present them to you either on this website or on the podcast.

Why we continue to do what we do: It’s all about our passion to music and talking. Music is a universal language that speaks to great length wherever you’re from. Talking is a way we express our thoughts and emotions. Music and talking is what we love to do and what we’ll keep doing!

What we ARE NOT: Our podcast is different from many podcasts out there, even those in the music category. We aren’t real DJ’s that remix various songs and we aren’t that entertainment gossip channel. Sure we do talk about entertainment gossip every now and then, but our focus remains clear. Playing the music you know (or about to know) and the music you enjoy with a little random chit chat every now and then. This is something we focused on in the beginning of MTI and will continue to do.

Final thoughts: Finally, we want to let everyone know that your feedback drives what we do. Our listeners are who we are presenting to in our podcast and you guys have control into the stuff we do on the podcast. This means giving us feedback about each episode and taking any song requests you may have (all at info@mymti.org) So if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask us, send us your thoughts right below and we’ll respond to ya in a jiffy!