25 Apr

May 2013 Updates!

After reading through these updates, make sure you scroll down to see if some of the future updates has already been implemented!


Wow that was fast, we’re already right into spring and close to the summer! Now that school is out for most of us (those in university/college), we have some time to spare to make a lot of MTI Countdowns! Here are some updates that already have been implemented!

1. New website design! The last one was a bit too bland so this new one hopefully will spice things up a bit more. Feedback about it is always welcome through email at feedback@mymti.org. Everything else stays the same, domain and stuff/navigation into our site.

2. As you have found out already, we welcome our new host, Jay! He’ll be replacing Alisha on the MTI Countdowns and be filling in any hosts that might be going on trips during their summer! His focus will primarily be on the MTI Top 5 CountUP.

3. The MTI Top 5 CountUP now features all the years through the 2000’s to the 2010’s. These charts will be pulled from random radio station charts, if the year is from 2000-early 2008. From mid 2008 to maybe last year (2012), a MTI Countdown chart will be used instead. The show will follow similar concept to the MTI Top 3 Countdown, in which the date of these charts will be dependent on the day that the episode is released.

4. We’re back to blogging! School is done and we’ll have time to blog all we want! So be on the lookout for our random rants on this site!

5. After the MTI Top 25 May 2013 Countdown, Jima will be taking a short break on the MTI Countdowns (with an exception for the MTI Top 25 July 2013 Countdown Special), for the summer of 2013. This is due to her jaw surgery which prevents her from talking. Our new host, Jay will be subbing in for her, during her hiatus. Jima will become an active host starting in September 2013.


Updates that will be implemented later (summer 2013 or later, check below to see if they were implemented in May 2013):

1. We’re thinking of moving the podcast out of Podomatic because we can’t always be deleting old podcasts because of our storage is full. We are currently looking for podcast holders to host the MTI Countdowns. More to come later.

2. Zoe will be back in the summer of 2013 and replacing a current host on the MTI Countdowns. Can’t give into who she’ll be replacing, but you guys will know very soon.

3. The MTI Top 25 Countdowns will soon be cancelled. Not anytime soon, but sometime this year. It’s primarily to stop the overlap of music between the MTI Top 10 Countdowns. More info to come later.

4. The Japan Top 10 Countdown will become a bi-monthly countdown, rather than the current bi-weekly status. This change will probably take place in September of this year, when the school year starts and we get a little more busy.


Anyway, these are just a few changes we’re thinking about. Feedback about anything we do can be sent to us at feedback@mymti.org! Oh you can also request songs to be played on a future episode by emailing us at request@mymti.org! This blog will be updated throughout the month of May, if any additional changes will occur.


-Producer Jack, April 25, 2013.


Update May 7, 2013:

1. We renewed our domain with our service provider for another 5 years! That means we won’t be leaving our current domain, mymti.org for another 5 years…. Not until 2019 til we have to decide whether to keep going or let it go… But anyway, this domain will be kept with us for a while! Makes me feel old thinkin about 2019….

2. As with mticountdown.com, it seems it may take another year til we’ll be about to get it back.

3. But on that note, maytableinc.com now also will forward everyone to this site! Cuz remember, MTI= Maytable Inc.


Update May 16, 2013:

1. We have officially set up a Hipcast account! Check us out our first episode on Hipcast at http://hipcast.com/podcast/HmQz90VQ. We’ll be moving there very shortly, once the Hipcast podcast gets approved on the iTunes store. Until then, enjoy what we have on there on the moment!

2. We’ll cease updating our podcast on Podomatic once our Hipcast account gets approved on iTunes. We’ll also make sure all most of the older podcasts get switched over to our new Hipcast account too. More to come once we get our approval.

3. Zoe will confirm her appearance on the MTI Countdowns once her exams finish by late June 2013 (next month)! She’ll be replacing a current host on the MTI Countdowns, however we can’t name who that person is yet.


Update: May 17, 2013:

1. WE’RE OFFICIALLY MOVING OVER TO HIPCAST! That means all our past Podomatic podcasts/countdowns have been transitioned over to Hipcast! Not only that, since Hipcast is so cool to give us UNLIMITED hosting, we’re throwing on the flashback podcasts from 2008 to 2010!

2. We’ll also slowly transition Japan Top 10 to Hipcast soon, right after iTunes approves Japan Top 10 on their store. We’ll keep you posted here when that happens.

*Please note: there might be audio problems on Hipcast because we confused our audio files between each other when we uploaded them. If you do spot anything, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at info@mymti.org or leave a comment below about the audio problem you found. The transition was very time-consuming as you know we have over like 130 episodes made so far. Please be patient with us at this time, we’ll make sure everything is updated.


Update May 19, 2013:

1. Japan Top 10 on iTunes, check out the listen now tab to find out how you can listen!


Update May 20, 2013:

I checked all the links that were provided on our website and fixed and mistakes that might be associated with our Hipcast account. So all links should be linking to the correct countdown with the correct episode being played. But of course, if you do find a mistake or something not working, tell us!