16 Feb

MTI Updates February 2013!

2013 has been so far a great year! We’ve been making a lot of new changes to the MTI Countdowns! Here are some new changes that have already been made and new to 2013!


1.  NEW WEBSITE! That’s what your looking at! That’s probably one of the biggest changes we made so far in 2013!

2. Our DJ’s are now blogging for the first time! Read through what they have to talk about on our website!

3. 80’s music is finally added on our shows!

4. The music that we’re playing is starting to have a indie/alternative rock lean!

5. 2 NEW hosts added onto the MTI Countdowns, and 1 returning host, making us a 9 member team!

6. The MTI Top 25 Countdowns began airing specials bi-monthly, in replacement of the MTI Top 10 Countdown Specials, which will end in March 2013.


Now here are some future changes that have been on our mind or will change definitely (like we already prepared for it) starting in March 2013


1. The MTI Countdowns will begin airing a new show that will be separate from our main podcast page. In other terms, we’re going to be creating a new show that will be on a different site. More info about this countdown will be released later.

2. A new MTI Countdown show (on our main podcast) will begin to air in March 2013! Here’s a hint into what it will be: randomness. No seriously, that’s the best way to describe this new show! More info to come later.

3. The MTI Top 10 Specials will end after February 2013. Starting March 2013, the MTI Top 5 CountUPs or MTI Top 3 Countdowns will replace the normal Saturday spots (third or last week of the month). The MTI Top 25 Countdown Specials will compensate for the loss of the Top 10 Specials.

4. More enhancement to our website. Not really sure what they will be yet, but we promise to have some awesome new stuff added as we have been constantly updating it so far.


Stay tuned for more! That’s about all I can tell you! – producer jack, February 15, 2013.